YAH Will Gather US
YAH Will Gather US

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Official Statement of the Executive Council of Elders

The United Nation of Yisrael welcomes you to the "YAH will Gather US" website. This is the official site for the The Greatest Global Gathering of YAH's Chosen People from the four corners of the earth. The descendants of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Holocaust the TRUE and Original Hebrew Yisraelite people of the Holy Scriptures.  Watch VIDEOS of historic events. 


The time is NOW for Yisrael to standup and fulfill its role as a world leader in the worship of YHWH the Creator of ALL. The United Nation of Yisrael has been officially put on record and is now in the process of gathering the associates and Sovereign Nationals of this great nation.



 Notice: To all concerned regarding the Israelite National flag and seal created by The  Executive Council of Elders for the United Nation of Yisrael.


  Purpose of/for the flag.



1.   To give thanks, honor, and praises to The Holy One of Yisrael and to lift His vibrations up in the midst of His people who are scattered worldwide among all the nations of the earth through the Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Saharan slave trades.


2.  To unify all 12 tribes of the lost tribes of Yisrael.The true Israelites, who have suffered under the curses of Deuteronomy 28.  It also represents the gathering of the "dry bones"  as it is written in the book of Ezekiel the 37th chapter.


3.  To stand up against the historic and on going injustices being perpetuated against all true Israelites worldwide, those who know themselves and those who still are not aware of their true identity, heritage, history, culture and ethnicity.


4.  To declare and proclaim to all the nations of the world that the true Israelites are back as a nation in exile, and that we are  fully aware of our true nationality and how it has been violently been taken away from us.


5.  The flag is not intended for the promotion of anyone particular doctrine, teaching, religious or personal perspective.


6. The flag represents a rallying point for our scattered Israelite nation. All true descendents of Avraham, Isaac, and Yisrael. It allows  all 12 tribes of Yisrael, who have been scattered worldwide among the nations of the earth to come together as a nation regardless of

the differences we share with each other.


Show your SUPPORT - One Nation                       under YAH

Acknowledgement of Urgent Notice
This acknowledgement is for all of our people. Israelites from around the globe unite as the people of the MOST HIGH YAH. HalleluYAH!!!
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Fill out form and submit signed  "URGENT NOTICE"                                        below

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Join the eternal Movement - The Nation of Yisrael United

The United Nation of Yisra'el has 3 basic tenants that guide our every decision and action. There are no religious positions; they are designed to bring unity to all of Yisra'el around the globe. The tenants are as follows:


1)     We call on the name of the Most High the Creator of All and King of the Universe ONLY.

a)     We pursue Achdut (Unity), Echad (Oneness) and Shalom (Peace) Isaiah 56:6 - 8


2)     We follow the TORAH as the Divine Law of the MOST HIGH as the basis of all law.

a)     Kadosh (Set Apart) Scripture of a Hebraic thought and origin


3)     Our heritage is Hebrew from the seed of our forefather Avraham.

a)     This is about the bloodline of all of Avraham's seed.

b)     Other may sojourn with us, however our heritage and inheritance are based on our people operating in righteous rulership of our own affairs. We must and will lead our people out of bondage and the rest of the world into worship of YHWH.

Vision and Mission Statements

The vision of this organization is to see The Most High, the Creator of All, the great I AM THAT I AM manifest his divine governance and kingdom in the earth. This will bring the PEACE on earth that has long been forecasted, however has eluded us. This vision and mission are birth out of the Scriptures found in the 61st chapter of Yesha’yahu (Isaiah).


The mission is to follow the leading of the spirit of the Most High in establishing His divine governance model and to put all of the appropriate documentation on the record in international venues for the benefit of all of our people. This will allow us to operate as a nation of people and no longer as individuals, congregations, temples, Knesset’s and various non-profit organizations.

The Most High YAH chose a nation of people for himself, as a precious peculiar treasure unto himself. This nation of people has a specific purpose to fulfill the divine plan of redemption and reconciliation of the creation back to the CREATOR.  Who are these people, where is this nation now and where are we today in prophesy based on the word of the Most High YAH.


We are gathering ourselves together, to exalt and proclaim the name of the Most High, YHWH. This is in obedience to the word of the MOST HIGH YAH, it is stated in the book of Zephaniah 2:1, “Gather yourselves together, yea, gather together, O nation not desired.”  We are a Nation of people that consist of families, congregations, and communities, that should show solidarity and unity, for as a NATION divided, we cannot stand. We are coming together and standing together, so that once again we may live together in peace and prosperity.


The International Council of Elders represents all people of Hebrew descent around the world that have suffered injustice, discrimination, racism and oppression. We are the people of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Holocaust and descendants of the Scriptural Diaspora of YHWH’s chosen people. We have been scattered all over the world; Africa, Asia, the Caribbean Islands, Europe, Australia / Pacific Islands, North and South America. All Hebrews who are of the United Nation of Yisrael, who at this time are known as many proverbs, bywords, names, reglions and beliefs, Native or Original tribes, clans, or people, Moorish or Moorish Americans, Muslim, Islam, Christian, Catholic, Jewish and/or African American; this council is for all of US to participate and make our presence known, throughout the entire earth.


The International Council of Elders is our international opportunity to give praise to the MOST HIGH CREATOR for all HE is doing to bring the spirit of liberty and peace to us all. We must show our reverence and love for our creator, YAH. The vision, mission and purpose of this organization will continue to develop over time with the input of many brilliant minds and spirits to come.  We have started with a defined set of objectives.



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Official Flag - United Nation of Yisrael

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