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  • How can I get involved?
    If you are a sister, visit, and if you are a brother, visit You can also join one of our departments and apply on
  • Is the UNY a church?
    The United Nation of Yisrael is not a church, camp, or organization. We are a nation in exile coming forth as prophesied by Torah and Tanakh. We are the twelve tribes of Yisrael from the seed of our forefathers, Avraham, Isaac and Jacob.
  • How can I get an ID or Flag?
    To order your ID, please visit Services > Get Official ID to understand the document requirements, take the course, and pass the exam. To get a Nation or Tribe flag, visit our Shop tab.
  • Where can I find more information about the Nation & my identity?
    You can find more information on (1) Sovereignty & Nationality, (2) Identity and Heritage, (3) The Covenant: Lands, Laws, and Inheritance, (4) The Governmental Structure of the UNY, (5) The Exodus: Unity & Gathering, and (6) The Curses and Transatlantic Slave Trade under our Information tab.
  • Can I donate to the UNY?
    Yes! The UNY takes all donations and contributions of land, fiat, and volunteer service. Visit our Get Involved > Contribute tab.
  • Who completes the witness section of the Blue Urgent Notice?
    You will need the signature of two individuals who witnessed you completing the document.
  • What forms do I need for the Blue ID?
    The long form Urgent notice.
  • Where do I go to upload my documents?
    Once you complete and pass your citizenship test, you will be prompted to download your certificate. After that, you will be brought to the citizenship form screen to input all of your information that will go on your ID and upload your completed documents and certificate.
  • What’s the difference between each ID?
    The White ID is the lowest level acknowledging yourself as a Yisraelite. The Blue ID is the next level declaring yourself as a constituent in the United Nation of Yisrael and completing the long form urgent notice which allows you to lawfully correct your name, political status, ethnic identity, and common law copyright. The Gold ID is the highest level declaring yourself as a constituent in the United Nation of Yisrael which includes the Blue form along with the Resignation of Registered Agent.
  • What's the differences between the White, Blue, & Gold ID?
    There are 3 types of IDs which 3 different document requirements. All IDs get you citizenship into the United Nation of YisraEL. The White ID requires the least amount of paperwork. For the White ID, you must pass the White Citizenship course and fill out the 1 page White Urgent Notice Form which includes the (1) Acceptance of Divine Inheritance of the MOST HIGH’s Chosen People -- your personal declaration to being in the bloodline of Yaaqov & Avraham. For the Blue ID, you must pass the Blue Citizenship course and fill out the 3 page Blue Urgent Notice Form which includes the (1) Acceptance of Divine Inheritance of the MOST HIGH’s Chosen People, (2) SWORN TESTIMONY OF DECLARATION NAME CORRECTION, POLITICAL STATUS ETHNIC IDENTITY & COMMON LAW COPYRIGHT, --- your personal declaration of changing your Captive Government Name to your Hebrew Name and correcting your ethnic identity. You must file this document with your birth state's Secretary of State. For the Gold ID, you must complete the Gold Citizenship course and fill out the 3 Page Blue Urgent Notice Form (see above for contents) and the 6 page Gold Urgent Notice form which includes the (1) AFFIDAVIT OF NOTICE OF RIGHT TO RESIGN AS REGISTERED AGENT --- your personal declaration to reside as a Registered Agent from the United States (or other Captive Countries) meaning your complete systematic exodus from their Beast System. For each ID, once you pass the test and receive your certificate, you will need to submit your application and all required documentation to receive your ID by the mail in 3-8 business weeks.
  • What if I don’t have a Hebrew name?
    You can enter your government name in the fields for Hebrew name.
  • Do I need to get my forms notarized?
    Your Blue form already has the United Nation of Yisrael private notary seal. You will need to get your Gold form (Resignation of Registered Agent) notarized by your Secretary of State Public Notary.
  • What if I can't afford an ID?
    We understand that times are hard, and many of our brothers and sisters face financial hardships. If you are unable to pay the full cost for a Nation ID, we still want you to get your Nation ID and work alongside your brothers and sisters to continue building our Nation. Waived ID Fee Eligibility Requirements: Schedule a meeting with the Department of Information to discuss need and interest in Nation ID Become a United Nation of Yisrael Community Ambassador, share the mission of the United Nation of Yisrael, and bring 3 individuals who are ready to get their Nation IDs Join a United Nation of Yisrael department and actively contribute for at least 90 days If you would like to have your Nation ID fee waived, please reach out to the Department of Information at or send us a message on
  • How do I get my forms notarized?
    You must get your Gold Form (Resignation of Registered Agent) notarized by a public notary. You can do this at a bank or a courthouse. After you get your document notarized, take it to your Secretary of State to get it authenticated with your state’s seal.
  • What is the Resignation of Registered Agent document?
    The Resignation of Registered Agent document is your acknowledgement that you are the flesh and blood person who is the owner of the corporate entity created by the American government by way of a birth certificate and social security number.
  • How do I study for the citizenship test?
    You can utilize the ID curriculum study guide and the urgent notice to use for your citizenship test. The test is an open note test.
  • Does the Nation ID take away my current citizenship?
    No. Your Nation ID is for your personal declaration and to acknowledge your true nationality. It does not infringe upon the benefits of your current citizenship.
  • How do I complete the ID documents?
    Review the “How to Complete Forms” button on the Register in the Nation page on our website.
  • What forms do I need for the White ID?
    The short form Urgent Notice.
  • Where is my access?
    You will have access (via certificate) to order your Official National ID after you pass the exam. Check your certificate!
  • How do I apply for a Nation ID?
    Visit our “Register in the Nation” page to review the steps to getting your Nation ID.
  • Who authenticates my Gold ID Forms if I do not live in the US?
    The United Nation of Yisrael will authenticate through our private notary and place the UNY authentication certificate on your document.
  • How do I know which ID to get?
    You will have to decide which level of declaration you are willing to make based on the criteria outlined in each ID. Check out our article on how to choose which ID is right for you. Take a look at our Nation ID Guides for more.
  • Which ID should I get to be recognized for dual citizenship?
    The Gold ID is the best ID to be recognized for dual citizenship because you are to complete the Long Form Urgent Notice containing the Sworn Testimony of Declaration Name Correction, Political Status, Ethnic Identity, and Common Law Copyright as well as the Affidavit of Right to Resign as a Registered Agent documents.
  • When will I see my citizenship application?
    You must pass your citizenship test to access your form where you can add your ID details and photo.
  • What forms do I need for the Gold ID?
    The long form Urgent notice and the Resignation of Registered Agent.
  • What do I do with my documents after I complete them?
    Once you have passed your citizenship test, you will upload your documents in your citizenship application.
  • Can I order cards for my family?
    Parents can order cards for all immediate family members aged 5-15 years old. For family members aged 15+, they will have to Register in the Nation and complete the exam themselves.
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