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As a people of the United Nation of YisraEl, we have suffered for far too long from antishemetism. It is time for us to be educated, stand up, and find power in our numbers. Click a topic below to view our records about antishemetism, extremist groups, and antishemetic attacks.

Learn About Anti-shemetism

What is Anti-shemetism?

Antishemetism is hostility, prejudice, racism, and hatred of the 12 tribes of YisraEl. Antishemetism manifests itself as systemic oppression via genocide, food insecurity, and policies designed to inhibit the descendants of those affected by the Transatlantic Slave Holocaust.

Anti-Shemitism and the promotion of harmful stereotypes about "Black" people in the media are deeply troubling manifestations of prejudice, delusion, and discrimination. In the case of anti-Shemitism, media outlets have historically perpetuated harmful narratives about Shemetic people, often relying on age-old tropes that portray them as promiscuous, manipulative, or as lacking intelligence and humanity. These stereotypes fuel legacies of distrust and hatred, and they must be condemned and eradicated. These portrayals often ignore the rich history, culture, and contributions of Shemetic individuals, reinforcing harmful stereotypes and bias. It is essential for media organizations to recognize their role in shaping public perceptions and to strive for accuracy, fairness, and inclusivity in their representations of the Shemetic, so as to foster a more equitable and just society.

Extremist Groups


Report an Antishemetic Attack

Have you or a loved one experienced or been a victim of Antishemetism? Please report the details of your attack so that brothers and sisters can be informed, the appropriate parties can be notified, and the responsible parties can be held accountable.

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