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The Covenant: Land, Laws, and Inheritance

Understand the Covenant between The Most High YAH and his chosen children of YisraEl. Identify the land, laws, and inheritance of YAH's promise.

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The Government: the UNY

Understand the Governmental Structure of the United Nation of Yisra'El. Identify the ministries, departments, and structure. You can also read official documents.

Unity & Gathering: The Exodus

Understand how the Unity and Gathering of the 12 nations of Yisra'El under YAH conquers captivity and restores the nation. Gather, O Nation not desired.

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The Curses & The Transatlantic Slave Trade

The Curses serve as an ensign. Understand the Curses, Transatlantic slave trade, and it's parallel to the so-called "African American"

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Identity of the Hebrew Yisraelite

Understand the Identity of the Ancient and Modern Yisraelite by going through an Authoritative Chronology of Hebrew Yisraelite History presented by Chief Zebulon Ben Lewi Hedeqyah.


Sovereignty & Nationality

Understand Sovereignty & Nationality. Reveal the true purposes of the Babylonian Government Systems and learn how to emancipate yourself legally from the system.

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