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Mandatory Vax Exemption Form

Protect your family, friends, and yourself by the sealed Jab Exemption Form provided by the United Nation of Yisra'El.

​We are living in hostile, eerie times. Prophecy is rapidly unfolding. It is key that we trust and lean on the Almighty for deliverance.

Just say NO
to the jab!

Get your form for a small donation. 

Protect your family. Contribute as little as $2 to receive the form in your email!

Can't afford to contribute? Chat with us and a Nation Office member will reach out to you. 

Contribute as little as $2.

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

I've talked to many people who have used the form. Im glad that my people have alternatives and dont have to take the Serpent's Venom! APTTMH for the Nation of Yisrael and his servants!

Zhateyah Y.

I work in the healthcare field and feel very strongly about caring for others. However, when faced with the vaccine mandate, I knew that this was something that I could not partake in. Many other healthcare workers across the nation shared the same sentiments. Some quit their jobs, others were let go, and others still decided to get vaccinated feeling hopeless to stand up for what they believed in and for their personal rights. Yes, employers have the right to decide company policies, however, employees have the right to have options. I chose to utilize the vaccine exemption form provided by the United Nation of Yisrael. It worked for me. We have more options than comply or else. APTTMH!

Deliyah Y.

"Recommended to my dad. He works at Johnson & Johnson and we needed options. All praise to the Most High, it works!

Thahawam Y,

Have an Employer Form?

Many jobs are asking for the completion of  their own forms  regarding exemption for the jab. Another step to discourage you from maintaining your cause and encourage you to receive the serpent venom.


We can help you with filling out Employer Forms. Please fill it out to the best of your ability and upload here. We will return to your provided email ASAP.

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