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Our Resources.

Please utilize our OFFICIAL Nation resources. All resources are aligned with the TaNaKh, preserving the 12 tribes, and edifying the Most High YAH. 

If you would like to become an official resource of the United Nation of Yisra'El, please contact us. 

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Hebrew Care

Clean N' Lawful products matter that's why the family who care's at Hebrew Care work hard to provide to you high quality products that follow our lifestyle choices that honors our temple and most of all honors TMH!

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Chariot Tea

Clean N' Lawful products matter!

Chariot Tea was established as a passion for tea to bring art forms and tea drinkers a new way to enjoy tea. Connecting cultures and people one sip at a time.



Tehillah's Herbal Apothecary

Welcome to Tehillahs Herbal Apothecary where we offer Tinctures, Teas and Tonics,  Moisturizing Bath Soaps, Nutritional Supplements and so much more.  Feel free to browse and purchase.

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Sistah Reclaim Your Image

This book critically examines the role modern media plays in perpetuating harmful stereotypes of Black women, including slavery caricatures, promiscuity, and the destruction of the nuclear family. Through a rigorous analysis of current media representation, the book exposes the deep-seated biases and systemic issues that contribute to these damaging narratives.


Journey to the Beginning: The Foundation of the System of Divine Dedication 

Journey To The Beginning: the System of Divine Dedication is written by an accomplished educator whose 50 years of experience as a teacher, reading and mathematics specialist, administrator and director of education in three nations brings unique expertise invaluable to both educators and parents around the world who are interested in developing or enriching their school systems.

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We will take full advantage of freedom of speech and scratch beneath the surface of mainstream media as an independent source. In this current time many world events are taking place, we would like to expound on said events from a spiritual perspective, the content on this page will include exclusive, original series and motivational talks. Brace yourself for informative, provocative and compelling material. Thank you for becoming a patron. You will be enlightened.


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