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A Message From The Malak

I am Malak Shamayah Samuel Yasharahla - Chief Executive Officer of the United Nation of Yisrael, a servant to the MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY YAH OUR POWER AND STRENGTH, and a servant to our nation, your nation, one nation under the MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY .  

The great accomplishment I have in my life of immeasurable value, is that of being a servant. I learned from the greatest teacher, the MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY, that it is my humility towards HIM that is my strength. In fact humility is the strength of our nation. Humility should not be taken lightly, or for weakness. It is through my humility and dedication towards the ALMIGHTY that is the essence of my strength. Without this form of humility towards YAHUAH, I am nothing, but with it, I am more than a conqueror. For Yisrael to be without a humble heart is to be without YAHUAH, to be without YAHUAH is a curse, which is evident according to our history as a nation.

Hear O Yisrael for

we all have our anointing from the MOST HIGH that we must learn and navigate through. For the nation as a whole was made to be the glory of YAHAUAH. To be the glory of YAHAUAH is to be YAH Anointed. To be YAH Anointed is to be YAHAUAH Mashayach. Therefore let us stop chasing our own tails, for as we awaken by the will of YAHAUAH, we awaken to our purpose as a nation created by the ALMIGHTY.

Therefore as I dedicate myself to YAHAUH in humility, I dedicate myself to our nation.


YAH, Kahi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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