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The mighty men of Yisrael have labored for far too long for the house of our oppressors. The 400 years are up. We have built their kingdom with such perfection that America is called the greatest nation in the world. This nation would be nothing without us. We continue to build up everything within the infrastructure of this society and it has not served us or our children's future at all. If we built this society for them can we do it for ourselves with Yah? Let us come together to nation-build, community-build, and create a self-sustainable future putting the Almighty and our nation first. Yah will bring forth not just a nation but a beautiful Hebrew Planet with our obedience to gather together.

Congregation of The Mighty Lions Den
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Send this to like-minded brothers who are ready to stop talking and get to this work! 

Don't know the right words? No worries. Just screenshot or download the flyer and the copy we've prepared:

Brother, the prophesied 400 years are up! It is time for us to set aside our differences and step up in a big way! In light of all the challenges we see today, we feel that it is time to stand with one another in unity. For far too long we've given to a nation that has no interest to give back.


We meet together over zoom weekly to actively create self-sustainable solutions and to create plans to properly utilize the hundreds of acres of land that Yah has blessed our nation with in these turbulent days. We have built everything for everyone else for years. Let's raise our own food, tap our own water, and build our own homes and communities; it's in our hands to obtain. 

Looking forward to seeing you this week! 


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Unlimited Potential Farms Gallery

The land is beautiful and ready to be cultivated!

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Building a community for farming and Tiny homes

Hebrew Planet is a community with a goal and mission to build a self-sustainable farm and community-dwelling. We want to create and provide affordable housing for the so-called “Blacks”,  “Hispanics”, and “Native Americans” Who are a part of the Nation of Yisrael.


We welcome all ethnicities to join us in our mission of community building with the goal and vision of restoring the disenfranchised people affected by the transatlantic slave trade and the effects of colonialism as a result of the slave trade.

 “Unlimited Potential Farm” is located off the grid in North Carolina. We are raising money to put water (wells) and electricity on the land. Donations are greatly appreciated. We would love to have you visit the farm and see its potential. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.


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