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It's time to honor our heritage and stand unified with our motherland.

Return As A Nation

Over 400 years ago the our nation as the diaspora was taken from our homeland in Alkebulan (Africa) and it is expected that we return as a unified nation.

Embassy Locations

Our focus in reuniting with our mother land begins with building relationships as a nation first. We do this by establishing an embassy in various locations making our presence known and implementing advocacy projects that positively impact the community.


Uniting the 12 tribes of Yisrael after 400 years, we guide the diaspora back to Alkebulan. Through diplomacy, advocacy, and community development, we dismantle oppression, empower communities, and build a nation where cultural values thrive. Our goal: a harmonious, self-determined future.

Advocate for Alkebulan

There is much to be done. We advocate for change in the Motherland

Collaborative Efforts


Relationships Established

The United Nation of Yisrael has been recognized as an independent trust on the record with the Liberian Government. Since, The United Nation of Yisrael launched the campaign "Clean Liberia, Love Liberia, Feed Liberia". This campaign was a collaborative effort made with our Liberian Ambassadors, the Christian and Muslim community who joined forces for the cause. Malak Shamayah was invited back to Liberia to accept Liberia's Golden Image Award" from Ambassador Juli Endee.


Relationships Established

Chief Zanzan Karwor of Liberia, hosted a ceremony for the Malak Shamayah and the men who accompanied him, awarding the United Nation of Yisrael over 125,000 acers of land and announcing Malak Shamayah, Elder Yawitazah, & Elder Emanuel - Nubreed as chiefs. In addition to the land, Malak Shamayah established relationships with several leaders desiring to produce Invaluable assets in collaboration with the United Nation of Yisrael, including but not limited to, cocoa, gems stones, and rice.



United Nation of Yisrael Embassy 

Malak Shamayah was invited to come to Liberia, Africa to establish a presence in the region. Liberia opened up to the United Nation of Yisrael and has stood on it's reputation as being the door of return. Since, Malak Shamayah has establish the Embassy in Liberia and pulled together a ground team lead by Ambassadors. 


Relationships Established

The United Nation of Yisrael as far back as 2014 has been actively developing their international affairs by of a committee of elders under the International Council of Elders ( ICE). The Mission was to reconnect the 12 Tribes of Yisrael Back into our homeland and return as a nation.

Land, Agricultural, & Economic Development