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Words of Prophecy to The Nation of YisraÉL and to The Nations Abroad

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

The word of YAH declares that we, the remnant seed of Yisrael shall be gathered together from the four corners of the earth, from which we have been scattered, is not a self-serving testimony, but is what thus saith the MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY YAH . Let it be known that we have no power of ourselves but it is the ALMIGHTY YAH , the HOLY ONE OF YISRAEL, OUR SAVIOR, OUR REDEEMER, AND OUR MAKER, that will come forth as a lion emerging out of the thickets, to deliver recompense upon those that have despised and rejected the glory of . Know O vain man that it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the LIVING POWER, THE MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY . Those that have treaded upon Yisrael, return from your wickedness and evil, that you have either took pleasure to afflict or have turned a blind eye. The time of vindication, and vengeance of will be poured out upon the earth without restraint, upon the wicked and those that sought for the destruction of Yisrael. In that day all shall know that is the ALMIGHTY POWER of all the earth. Therefore while you still can, repent so that if it may be so, that may have compassion upon you, so not that you meet your utter destruction. These words are dedicated by the power of the ALMIGHTY YAH as a declaration of what thus saith . YAH has declared to the inhabitants of the earth of what shall come upon those that continue to hold Yisrael captive. This declaration is upon those that have come together, and upon those that willfully support their efforts, that have taken possession over the land promised to Avraham, Isaaq, and Yacob, formally known as the land of Canaan. The wrath of YAH shall be also multiplied upon those that have taken Yisrael as a possession, for has redeemed his first born, taking them as his possession, the seed that YAH has carved out of Avraham according to as it is written.

Thus saith YAH, it is time for my enemies to let MY people go, and get out of the land which I have sworn to MY people in time passed. It is time for the seed of Yacob, the nation of Yisrael to be made free, and to be placed at rest from their enemies once again. For all those that don’t take heed to MY word shall be destroyed, from the least unto the greatest. Let this day be recorded by the heavens, the earth, and the waters that fill it, that MY word shall not come back void. Woe be unto my enemies, for I shall not hold back my indignation. My servant shall speak in this day and all that I utter through the mouth of my servant shall come to pass. You shall know that I am , and that Yisrael is my first born. You shall no longer take pleasure, and profit upon my people as your possession. I shall call for their gathering from throughout the four corners of the earth, I shall bring them together, by my power. You shall know the strength of my word, for all that is spoken shall come to pass. Shall you contend with me? By what power? Shall you cause my word not to come to pass? By what might? I stand in the thickets as a lion ready to devour. Those that regard not my word, I YAH shall fill your streets, with my indignation, and you shall be made full of your own flesh.

I shall call my army to my great feast, to take part upon all those that reject me. Contend with me, harden your heart, bring all your confederates to battle. Make yourselves ready in this day. No longer shall I be known as a POWER written in the pages of a book, for all shall know that my POWER and STRENGTH is at hand. You shall no longer read about me, for you shall see my POWER, and seek for my servant to consult me for your forgiveness. For my children, for my first born do I contend. For my possession, and my first love, shall I destroy. I have placed them under punishment, therefore I shall overturn their affliction, for glory in the midst of my enemies. As a father loves his son, and as a husband longs for his wife, his first love, I , have not ceased from the desire to deliver my people, the nation of Yisrael.

Hear O Yisrael, I shall also purge you of your iniquity. I shall strip you of the false idol, and give you a new heart to follow me. You shall seek me for all things, and I shall grant you the desires of your purified hearts, for those that have humbled themselves I shall establish. The meek of the earth shall have peace, and the administration of my covenant shall flow from my holy mountain, in the place where I have chosen to place my name. For Yisrael shall be made whole, Yahuda shall protect as a lion, Levi shall purify with white garments, and the nation shall be made one stick. I shall make a sacrifice of flesh once again, for my people. I shall subdue nations, and take back the land that I swore by my word to Avraham, for the remnant seed shall take possession. I shall increase their seed upon the earth, and no longer shall you reject me O Yisrael. All that I have declared and promised through the mouths of the prophets, all that is written for your time, in this day, shall come to pass. Stand back my first love, and watch my compassion for you manifest upon my enemies in the form of wrath and fiery indignation.

The demise of the nations has started. The erosion of their systems, and those things that have become delightful are diminishing each day. Be at ease, be comforted, and know that these things must come to pass, for Babylon and Egypt has come to my remembrance. For their children their remnant seed of today has come to mind. As their forefathers have passed, as their greatness diminished of long ago, so shall the residue of their might that is present upon their children fall away in this day upon my wrath. The figurehead, and the seat of power, the nation that the world looks at today, the power of the world today, I know them and their secrets. I know the deep crevice of its hearts. I know the intent of their leadership, although they speak peace to you, I know that it is for your destruction. They created chaos, to establish their own order, for it is in the way of man to control, and divide the people. But they shall drink form their own cup. It has already started. I shall consume that great nation that the world looks at in want of all things, and for hope of the continuation of their systems, which all fall. The nation that has consumed my people, upon the plantation, shall be rewarded with my indignation. I have declared it, and it shall come to pass. All their delightful things, the things of their security, shall fall in the midst of you. Be not dismayed at their destruction, for it is for your deliverance. The comfort of their system, shall bring discomfort, but I YAH, shall provide a way for my people, a way for those that have humbled themselves. Delight yourselves no longer in the way of your enemy. Turn from indulgence in the delightful things that your enemy has created, for it shall fall. Those that hold on to it, your hearts shall be made heavy. Therefore, take this warning O Yisrael, and turn to me. I shall give instruction. I shall direct all your footsteps. I , shall even guide your enemies to provide you help. Your enemies shall be willing to help you upon the wrath and rod of indignation that I shall bring upon them. You shall not deliver yourselves, but I , shall perform what I have called forth. Humble yourselves before me, listen to the words that I speak today, through the mouth of my servant, and you shall be protected.


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