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Thus Saith YAH

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Hear me O my people, consider every word that touch the lips of whom I have brought forth. I give you life, I have given unto you as you walk the earth to consider my ways. I am mindful of you O son of man, I am mindful of you O my people, my first born son, the Nation that I have carved out of Avraham, Isaaq, and Yacob. Consider me, for I have considered you. With glory and love have I formed you. I have placed you under the bond of the covenant to keep you. But you have broken my covenant, you and your ancestors have walked contrary unto me to serve idols and other gods, gods that can not save you, which you still do today. You have been looking for love in all the wrong places, not never being satisfied, not finding my love that has been there for you from your beginning. You have called to mind my jealousy over you. As a husband is brought to jealousy over the ways of a wife that commits whoredom, I am jealous over you O Yisrael. I have covered you with purity, and glory, but turned from me. You have chosen to walk after other nations, and to be like them even in this day. You have followed religion and doctrine of men instead of me. In many was you are even worse than your ancestors, concerning how you trespass me. Therefore I have placed you under the hands of many nations for punishment, because when you had the choice to follow me, you choose to follow other nations, and their gods, gods that can not save. Broken cisterns have you chosen that can't hold water. Therefore I gave you unto the destruction that you have chosen, unto other nations and their gods, have you defiled yourselves with.

I am here, I am calling out to you. Let not another drop of blood be spilled among you and my people therefore consider your ways. It is not my desire for your blood to be spilt, therefore hear the voice of my servants for correction, hear the voice of those that I have called to speak my word. You walk, you live, and you fall by the choices that you make. Therefore O Yisrael make the right choice, consider my word and return unto me.

Consider while you have breath, return unto me while you have time, and give thought to all that you do, or don't do, say or don't say. I have set a path for you O Yisrael to take, even in this day I am speaking. I have loved you since I have formed you, and although you have walked contrary to me, as a result I have walked contrary unto you, but I still love and have compassion over you even in this day for you are my people, my first love.

Let not life be taken in vain. Let not the blood of your daughters, sons, mothers, father's, family members, and friends be spilt upon the earth in vain. I am pleading with you in this day O Yisrael, face to face as I have promised, as it is written among my servants the prophets, for my every word shall be accomplished. Humble yourselves, seek me early, turn away from false doctrine, false idols that can not save, and find me. For I shall make all crooked paths straight for you O Yisrael. I shall cause your resurrection to yield much increase. As the trees, the green grass, the flowers, and all vegetation spring forth, as the sun, moon and the stars continue, so shall you spring forth from out of the grave, out of your deep sleep. I shall gather you from a far, from every corner, and every pit shall I call you forth to bring you back under the bond of the covenant. I promised this to you only O Yisrael, for it is you that I have loved.

Therefore consider the fall of your loved ones, leaving these earthly bodies for any an every cause, as they sleep, as you commit their bodies into the ground, for who knoweth how the spirit that returns unto me? Who has stood in my council to guide me. I AM that I AM, I am the MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY, THE POWER & STRENGTH, THE GOD OF YISRAEL. Consider these words while you have time to consider, let them not be in vain. Let not another day go by that you don't take responsibility for your own actions. Be comforted that I have compassion over you all, O my people. At the end of the day consider that all things rest in my hands, therefore as a father considers his children, I have love and compassion over you even as you make mistakes even in this day.

So be it.

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