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The State of the Nation of Yisraèl

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Much Love to you O Yisrael, conscious and unconscious, to all that have been considered and labeled to be African American, Haitian, Jamaican, Puerto Rican, to all our people in the Caribbean, North, South, and Central America, to those that have remained on the continent of Africa, to the many that are throughout the earth, with love to you all and humility towards the ALMIGHTY is this message given.

Our true identity has been hidden from us. Our heritage has been white washed, our lineage has been forgotten, neither have we considered it. For we have taken on the religion, customs, practices, and views of our captors, who are none other than those that control social media, financial systems, educational systems, entertainment, governmental, and the many social systems throughout the earth.

We are witnessing in this day, the changing of the tide, the collapse of one system, and the rise of another. The lie shall be uncovered, and the truth shall be revealed. All will come to know who it is, that have been despised and rejected, hidden in prison houses, given the substandard of all things, exploited, placed on the plantation of yesterday, and now placed on the corporate and social plantation of today. It is You O House of Yisrael, it is you O Yahuda, that the ALMIGHTY is causing to emerge from the thickets, for it will be Yahuda, that shall speak what this saith the MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY in this day.

This message is for Ye, and all those of our people that have been vocal, wrongfully labelled, slandered, and made out to be crazy. This system has utilized our own people to be against each other. It is time to wake up. For if we open our eyes, whose lives have shown itself to matter? Who gave our people the right to vote in a system that was not for us? Who brought our ancestors over through the transatlantic slave trade and placed us on the plantation? Who colonized our motherland which is no other then the continent of Africa (Alkebulan)? When you answer that question, you will know why Ye wore a shirt called "White Lives Matter". Let's not run from the truth, for our lives as so-called black people has not mattered to know one, neither has it mattered to ourselves. How do we know this to be true, for who is the only people on the earth that can't come together to help each other? Many of us have tried in time past, and all of them have failed. Our own wickedness has been exposed, and if our wickedness has been revealed, know of a surety that those that have lived deliciously upon the backs of our people, those that have spilled our blood to water the earth for their own vanity, the MOST HIGH has heard the blood of our ancestors cry out. Vengeance shall be taken by the will and hand of the MOST HIGH for his people. Those that have been robbed and spoiled, those that have humbled themselves to the ALMIGHTY vengeance by the POWER OF THE MOST HIGH, shall be taken.

If you see this message, brother Ye, know that your words have been heard, and although many misunderstand you, even those of our people, I understand you. If you get this message we want to speak with you about coming together as a people. We want you to go to Africa (Alkebulan) with us

Our trip to Africa is about humility towards our GOD (Elohim), love for our people, and the unification of all Yisrael as we return home. We are following the Pilar of fire by knight and cloud of smoke by day, willfully following MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY, OUR POWER AND STRENGTH, THE GOD OF Avraham, Isaac, and Yacob. It was the MOST HIGH that scattered us for our disobedience, and it will be the MOST HIGH that gathers us because of our humility.

We have been divided and conquered, and now it is time love each other and be unified as the United Nation Of Yisrael, our nation, your Nation, on Nation under the MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY YAH OUR POWER AND STRENGTH.

We are the remnant seed of Yisrael. In particular those of us that have been scattered across the four corners of the Earth, are of the tribe of Yahuda, Benyamin, with some being of the tribe Levi. We have been a nation scattered and divided, and now it is time to be united and made whole. We are Shemites, we are descendents of Noah's first oldest son, therefore we are a Shemitic people. We are the ones that have experienced Anti-Shemtism by the hand of many nations, and governments. Before one can love someone else they must first love themselves. As a Nation of people, with a loss, forgotten, or stolen identity, we must first know who we are, to love and and embrace our true heritage, before we can care for another people. Any other way is superficial and not genuine.

It is now time for our people to stand, as a Shemitic people, as descendents of Avraham, Isaac, and Yacob is it time to stand. It is time to know who you are, for you are Yisrael, and Yahuda is the lawgiver, where the sceptre of rulership shall not depart.

For as it is written in Genesis 49: 9- 10.

9. Yahuda is the lion's whelp: from the prey, my son, thou art gone up: he stopped down, he couched as a lion, and as an old lion; who shall rouse him?

10. The sceptre shall not depart from Yahuda, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of people be.

Who is Shiloh, but one that is a gift from the ALMIGHTY, who is Shiloh but the peaceful one that the ALMIGHTY sends.

We shall witness Shiloh O House of Yisrael, for YAH shall bestow upon his anointed, for our deliverance is nigh at hand, even at the door.

Thus Saith YAH

Humble yourselves O Yisrael, lean not according to your understanding. Where has your thoughts traveled, what has it revealed? Can you deliver yourselves, for who has stood in my council, to receive instruction? My word shall go forth from the lips of whom I send. In this day shall I recover, for my testimony shall be upon my anointed, and my power shall be witnessed throughout the earth. I shall gather you from a far, I shall pull you out, and cleanse you . I shall make you ready O House of Yisrael for my wedding? Know longer shall I cover you with the declaration of divorce, for I shall overshadow you with love. The world will know my power and the love that I have for my people. It is not for you O House of Yisrael to make things to be, for all things that I declare shall be, and you are a people that I have declared. I shall restore upon you, I shall overshadow with love. As I have covered you under the curse of punishment, I shall cover you with my decree of love.

So be it

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