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The Proof That We Are The Remnant Seed

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Prophecy to the Nation of Yisrael

Giving all praises to the MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY YAH OUR POWER AND STRENGTH, THE ELOHIM OF Abraham, Isaaq, and Yacob (Yisrael).

Hear O Yisrael our heritage, ancestry, physical seed, and what we have experienced, proves that we are the remnant seed, descendants of Yacob, Isaaq, and Abraham, We are Yisrael. Abraham ( Abram) was a descendant of Shem as it is written, therefore Yisrael of old and the remnant seed of today are a Shemitic people.

Genesis 11: 10-26

Abraham (Abram), being a descendant of Shem means that all Abraham's seed are also descendants of Shem. We are not descendants of Sem, but Shem. Why is this distinction important? It is important because those that subscribe to being Semitic, also falsely indicate that they are descendants of our father Abraham, Isaaq and Yacob which is impossible. There is no such person in scripture called Sem. Do we not know that satan is an imposter? Is he not the one that wanted to ascend above the clouds and be like the MOST HIGH? Even as it has been written by man in the new testament, those that say they are jews are of the Synagogue of Satan? Who uses the term Synagogue and that will answer the question of whom those that subscribe to such a thing truly are, for they are not Yisrael.

Hear O Yisrael, you are a Shemitic people being descendants of Shem, Noah's oldest son. It is important to understand that we are a Shemitic people, and not Semitic.

The understanding of this subject matter is so important that I am led to be a bit repetitive. There was not one person in the scriptures by the name of "Sem", but there is a group of people that declare themselves as Semitic, descendants of Sem. There is no scriptural, nor outside historical evidence of a person named Sem that was out of the lineage of Abraham, Isaaq, and Yacob (Yisrael). The problem is not that a people declare to be Semitic, the problem is that Semitic people falsely attach themselves to being Hebrew, being descendants of Abraham, Isaaq, Yacob, further declaring to Yisrael. Sem may have existed, which is not an argument, and his descendants are in fact Semitic but they are not Yisrael.

The truth shall set free, the truth shall uncover, for the truth shall reveal the lie. For years we have come to know the term anti-semitic. Those that have been labeled as anti-Semitic have been condemned. Those that call themselves semitic declare that they are Jews. Those that declare to be Jews, call their places of worship Synagogues run by their Rabbi's. Likewise, those that are descendants of Yacob are called Yisraelites. Even after the scattering of the tribes, when the tribe of Yahuda remained, even with a mixture of other tribes dwelling among Yahuda, they were called Yahudee, or Yahuidem, but not Jew. Likewise these same Yisraelites had Temples, where the Priest and High Priest administers the law not Rabbi's. The Jews, the semitic peoples supreme book is the Talmud. Likewise for the Yisraelites, the word of YAH covering Commandments, Statutes, Judgements, and word of prophecy contained in the Tanakh is word from the MOST HIGH for the 12 tribes of Yisrael, a Shemitic people.

The Jews (semitic people) are the money changes. Yisraelites (Shemitic people) have been despised, rejected, and scattered throughout the four corners of the earth, underfoot to every nation and land that we find ourselves within.

It is time that we tell our truth as the remnant seed of the nation of Yisrael. We have suffered over many many years for our covenant breach. Our forefathers turned their backs to YAH, walking contrary to YAH, therefore we have suffered greatly through our Holocaust. Our Holocaust as a Shemitic people includes the following:

1: Babylonian Captivity

2. Medes & Persian Captivity

3. Greek Captivity

4. Roman Captivity

5. Sub-saharan slave trade

6. Transatlantic slave trade

7. Placed on South, Central, and North American Plantations

8. Jim Crow laws

9. Lynching

10. Mutilations

11. Buck Breaking (men sodomized by our masters in front of our wives and children)

12. Our wives, mothers, and daughters raped

13. Sold from one plantation to another never to be seen by our families again

14. European names placed upon us that we still bare today

15. The use of Christianity to further enslave our minds

16. Exploited by the entertainment industry, sports industry, and all forms of media industries

17. Used as test subjects with barbaric tactics to advance modern medicine, such as pediatrics, and gynecology

18. Given bywords to describe us such as, nigga, spook, porch monkey, coon, black, colored, afro american, african american, black identity extremist, and many other derogatory names that still follow us today

19. Victims of stop and frisk and all forms of police brutality

20. Treated unfairly and unequally in the court systems

There are many more examples of the Holocaust that our people suffered, which is unlike any other people.

All nations and peoples and nations that have victimized our people, true descendants, are Anti-Shemitic. Even Semitic people are anti-Shemitic, for we a Shemitic people, have been victimized by Semitic people. Our suffering from anti-Shemitism is like no other. With all our suffering we can’t even get forty acres and a mule, while those that are semitic run and benefit from all financial systems and resources upon the earth. The curse and punishment for the covenant breach is not upon a Semitic people for YAH did not establish his covenant with a Semitic people, but upon the Shemitic people, of the nation of Yisrael did YAH establish his covenant.

We know the truth, that it was the MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY YAH, that punished us, and scattered us for our transgressions, and it will be YAH that heals and gathers us as a Nation, a Shemitic people, the Nation of Yisrael. As YAH punished us for our transgressions, YAH will gather us as his glory. As it is written, vengeance belongs to YAH. As a descendent, one of the remnant seeds of Yisrael, that has suffered and experienced the residual aftershocks of our Holocaust, I tell you this day that it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the one and only true power, the ELOHIM of Avraham, Isaaq, and Yacob (Yisrael).

We have no power of ourselves, but hear O Yisrael humility towards YAH is our power and strength.

Thus saith YAH

For many transgressions towards me, you have suffered. I am just, and justice is my hammer. Am I not fair O Yisrael? Did I not establish you to be above only, but you rejected me, therefore I have rejected you as a nation. I have taken down, taken away, and destroyed all your resting places and have taken my rest from you. I have turned what was once a rest for you, into a controversy, and an argument upon the lips of the self-righteous. My correction you have repeatedly rejected. Did I allow anyone except your youth under 20 to cross over into the land except Yashuah and Caleb? Do not play with me today O Yisrael, for my judgment is upon the earth. For I shall not cause the humble, contrite, and meek among Yisrael to suffer utter destruction. Humble yourselves towards me O my people. Hear these words, let them be recorded upon your hearts, for my love and my jealousy has only been for you O Yisrael. I am ready to gather you, not for you not to fall under the destruction that is reserved for my and your enemies, but you must turn from your own wickedness. Are you ready to be above only once again? Are you ready to be married unto me in glory? As you turned your backs on me, and suffered the curse, suffered your Holocaust, turn from those that have no good intentions for you. Turn from your idols, and self righteous ways, and I shall bring you from afar, back into the loving, and blessing side of my covenant, by the bond of my word. Stop looking for love in all the wrong places, focus upon me O my children. I shall heal you, and take vengeance upon all those that have sought to destroy you. I shall show my power in this day, and all shall know me. All shall know that I have loved only you O House of Yisrael.

Prepare yourselves, do not trust man in any way, for fallen ones, wicked powers, the mighty and high ones from before the generation of my creation upon the earth have taken control of man and his nature. If it were not for my covenant that I made during the days after the flood, I would wipe the earth in fury and indignation. But also I have remembered you O Yisrael, and the covenant I made with you forefathers, and to establish my lawgiver out of Yahuda have I declared since I formed you. I have caused the remnant of Yahuda in this day to remember, I have awakened the sleeping lion. I shall cause the lion's mouth to speak, as you hear these words, Yahudah shall utter in his voice my destruction upon mine enemies. As I have spoken, I shall cause the seed of Dawid to stand, Yahuda shall be covered with my protection, and my power shall proceed from whom I have called. Hear O Yisrael in that day, those that have ears to hear, take heed to my instruction that I cause to be uttered. The earth shall shake, the Sun shall stand in its place, and my power shall overshadow all lands, with my troops, the soldiers that I have reserved. The waters, the wind, the sun, moon and stars shall I command, for all nations shall feel my power as did pharaoh. To satisfy my vengeance, and fury to take down the nations that have abused my first love, my firstborn son, my anointed, O Yisrael I YAH shall accomplish. Shall it be spoken and it not be satisfied? As I speak, I have brought forth, as I speak I have promoted and established. As I speak I shall also destroy.

Humble yourselves O Yisrael and draw unto me, for I have formed you for my glory. Why do you give the value that I have placed upon you to vultures, those that seek to feed upon you? I am here to feed you, to place on high. I shall take all things from your enemy and my enemy to give it to you as a token. I shall cover you in garments of beauty and praise, that far exceeds what I gave your forefathers. The fame of Yisrael shall fill the earth and beyond. All things shall be corrected, all shall be set in order. What a day O Yisrael, that I heal you, and place you above all. What I have in store is beyond your imagination, beyond your thoughts, for my ways are higher than all that you understand and know at this time. I shall share with you O Yisrael, the power gods. The powers that control the nature of man shall be no more, for I shall magnify Yisrael in the place of all powers.

Hear these words O Yisrael and be satisfied.


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