The Constitution of the United Nation of Yisra'EL


The United Nation of Yisrael is a Theocracy (Governed by the Torah, which is the Law of YHWH) which

embodies the cultural identity of the original/native people of the Earth/ Hephzibah Le Eretz Beulah /

Hebrew-Israelites – a multicultural mixed multitude of citizens throughout the seven continents (North

America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa; including the adjoining Islands). The United

Nation of Yisrael is governed by Rule of Divine Law which designates it as a Theocracy deriving its

delegation of authority as a sovereign nation of Kings and Priests from YHWH(HYH), the Eloah of creation and progenitor of The United Nation of Yisrael over which he alone reigns supreme.

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