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Social Security: International Mark of the Beast

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

The Global Social Security System

Did you know that over 130 countries in the world now have a Social Security Insurance


Did you know that Social Security is run and regulated by the United Nations and its World


Have you ever heard of the International Social Security Association (ISSA)?

And did you know that the United States Social Security Administration has international treaties

and agreements through the United Nations with other countries and their Social Security


Well, its all true... But before we get into that, let’s make sure we understand just what this

Social program really means, being a United States Citizen with a Social Security Number.

It is so much more than you might think...

Social Security – The Mark of the Beast

The MARK of the BEAST is upon all American Citizens!!! And the Federal Corporation named

the “UNITED STATES” is that BEAST!

And the MARK of the BEAST is the NUMBER...

One of the greatest misconceptions of biblical prophesy is that the thing referenced in the Bible

as the “Antichrist”, and in so many other fictional tales of said Antichrist, will some day be

incarnated as a single living entity – a beast in the guise of a human – that will fool the people of

Earth into loving and following that beast into a virtual hell and enslavement on Earth.

But I am here to provide you with an alternative and more realistic view. I am here to say that the

biblical “Antichrist” is already upon us. It is not a single person; but a government run by and

consented to by the people. It is not a living, breathing human or demon, but is instead all

humans via their consent to it. It is not the devil reincarnate; but is in fact an incarnate body of

legal codes that has created the Mark of the Beast through the people’s ignorance of the laws that

they create. And I am here to say that it is not God that will save us from this Antichrist; but only

our collective non-consent through non-participation in this system that will save us from


If it is true that God gave men the gift and the curse of having freewill, then it must also be true

that God only helps those who helps themselves.

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