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Notice of Divorcement

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

The MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY YAH is the POWER and STRENGTH for Yisrael. Our MAKER the ELOHIM of Abraham, Isaaq, and Yacob is our portion. Although YAH has compassion for his people, his firstborn son, who is the nation of Yisrael, we have been issued a letter of divorce. We have to accept that. As we come into knowledge of self we have not accepted the divorce, although it is the word of YAH that he has divorced us.

What would you do if you divorced your wife and she continues to act as though you were still married to her, without repentance for cheating on you several times. Without being cleanse, after having sex with other men she wants to sleep with you. How would you feel? This is the vision that we must see in relation to YAH our ex-husband, and Yisrael the ex-wife that has walked in several whoredoms and unclean ways. While unclean we act as though we are not unclean but that we are now somehow pure and clean while the smell of sex with others is upon us. For lack of a better term we walk around as if our shit don't stink. Madness I tell you. Complete unadulterated madness.

We need to be guided by humility towards repentance, to accept our punishment, to acknowledge the transgressions of our forefathers, even our own transportation.

Sackcloth and ashes should be our clothing. Tears should overrun us each and everyday, for the covenant breach we committed. When we come to terms with our transgressions, and humble ourselves towards YAH, it is the key for YAH to remember his covenant, remember his marriage with our forefathers, the nation of Yisrael. For it is written in Leviticus 26: 40-42 that if we humble our uncircumcised hearts to accept our punishment, then YAH will remember his covenant and remember our land. It is as simple as that.

O Israel you are on the right path if you humble ourselves to accept your punishment. Let us pray that all Yisrael understands this, and turns from their own self-righteousness.


-- Elder Shamayah Samuel Yasharahla


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