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Lean Not Unto Your Own Understanding

Yisrael just can't seem to receive the word of YAH as it is written, of leaning not to their own understanding, or adding to the word of YAH or to diminish from it nor to turn to the right or the left of His order.

Let it be known that all the fighting and debates that take place daily, day in and day out concerning the Sabbath is mute because Yisrael can keep their Sabbath as they insist on doing anytime or anyway, they want to keep it. They are not and cannot keep YAH'S Sabbath as He ordained and sanctified, for He took away their ability to do so when He removed His rest from our Nation when our fathers caused the covenant to be broken.

YAH even took the ability and the privilege away to even tread His courts because we were no longer worthy of His rest because once again, WE BROKE HIS COVENANT. If we are mindful, according to the word as it is written, YAH let it be known that our Nation profaned His Sabbath when we were in our land with the priesthood and the sacrifices still in place. That was one of the reasons that caused the covenant to be broken: Ezekiel 20:5-26 causing YAH to give us statues that were not good and judgements whereas we could not live.

It is hard for Yisrael to understand what YAHUAH meant when He said that we despised His judgements and walked not in His statues. You cannot keep YAH'S Sabbath exclusive of His statues and His judgements.

In closing, in our captive state, we have looked upon all the other nations as to how they serve their deities and we in return have taken on their ways in saying that we are now serving YAH when YAH has given precise instructions that we are to serve Him in the place where He chose for His name to reside which is in Yahrusalem, 2 Chronicles 6:6 and Deuteronomy 12. YAH took His rest from us as part of our punishment and will not receive us again until He returns us back to the land: Ezekiel 20:40-44. YAH told us to gather ourselves "Oh Nation not desired," but we won't do that. He told us to come before Him as His people and confess our iniquities and humble our uncircumcised hearts and accept our punishment, in other words to accept the fact that all that YAH gave us HE retrieved or took away what was given when He saw that we weren't worthy of His rest or of our heritage and our inheritance which was our land.

YAH told us to repair the breach, and we won't do that because we are too caught up in our own self- righteousness with very man walking according to the dictates of their own hearts as not to listen to YAH. As a matter of fact, they will fight you tooth and nail all the time while making concessions to the word of YAH to make it fit their understanding. YAH even said, we continue to run saying peace, peace when there is no peace. But as it is written YAH said in the end that He will rule over Yisrael with a stretched-out arm and fury poured out letting us know that in the end it will be His way, and we will obey His word as it is written, walking in His statues and carrying out His judgements.

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