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Kyrie Irving Labeled Antisemitic After Sharing "Hebrews to Negroes" Link on Twitter

Almost two weeks ago, Brooklyn Nets player Kyrie Irving tweeted a link to the Hebrews to Negroes documentary by Ronald Dalton Jr. Many have claimed that the documentary has antisemitic ideals, disinformation, and untrue statements about Jews and their religion. Although these claims have been made, the documentary has been a reputable source for the conscious community as to the identity of the Black race.

Since Irving's posting of the link, he has received severe backlash and repercussions not only from the media, but also from fellow NBA players and teammates, the NBA, Brooklyn Nets, and fans for supporting a book and documentary that some call "venomously antisemitic." Brooklyn Nets owner, Joe Tsai, expressed his disappointment about the whole ordeal.

Irving has since deleted the tweet. But that is not all. He has been suspended without pay for a minimum of five games and must complete a list of six requirements to come off of suspension:

  1. Apologize and condemn Hebrews to Negroes

  2. Make a $500,000 donation to anti-hate causes

  3. Complete sensitivity training

  4. Complete antisemitism training

  5. Meet with the Anti-Defamation League and Jewish leaders

  6. Meet with Brooklyn Nets owner, Joe Tsai to demonstrate understanding

This extensive list is not all that has been required of Irving. Nike announced on November 4 that they are cutting ties with Irving and will not be launching his shoe. Their statement says, "We believe there is no place for hate speech and we condemn any form of antisemitism. To that end, we've made the decision to suspend our relationship with Kyrie Irving effective immediately and will no longer launch the Kyrie 8."

Once again we come to a point where antisemitic claims are thrown around although nothing that promoted hate or antisemitism was done. After all, we're all still trying to figure out how one could be anti something that they are.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Shaquille O'Neal, Lebron James, and Charles Barkley were very open about their stance on the entire situation. Even to the point of calling him stupid and an idiot. But what did Irving do to evoke these types of reactions? Especially from people I'm sure he once considered his brothers.

Floyd Mayweather sent a message to Irving expressing his support as he deals with the inaccurate and uncalled slandering of his name and character. Nick Cannon even sat down with the CEO of the Anti-Defamation League and spoke out in support of Irving denying allegations that Irving is antisemitic, and even went as far as to describe the modern-day buck-breaking that is taking place.

It's quite clear to see that anyone in entertainment, media, sports, or Hollywood who speaks out about truth or combats mainstream agendas will be vehemently attacked and run through the mud. This example has been seen time and time again. Especially when it comes to the claims of antisemitism.

Hebrews to Negroes CEO Ronald Dalton Jr. released a press statement addressing the recent news.

But what about Antishemitism? This conversation is not a religious one, but one of a people group and a set-apart bloodline. Black public figures such as Ice Cube, Whoopi Goldberg, Nick Cannon, Ye, Stephen Jackson, DeSean Jackson, Alice Walker, and Louis Farrakhan have come forward on multiple occasions to share their thoughts on the true identity of the Hebrew people and how the media's reactions to this support these claims.

But for those who are conscious of our true identity, when will we stand up and support each other? We've already been given the call to action to gather. But when will we actually begin making movement? We don't have to support these corporations and institutions that have punished our brothers and sisters for speaking the truth. We don't have to rely on this system as much as we've been led to believe.

The way the Anti-Defamation League goes hard for their causes and supports their people, we must do the same. We have to create content and pages that display acts of Antishemitism against our people. We have to be confident and proud about our heritage and identity.

If you would like to get involved in the fight against Antishemitism, visit or to learn more.

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