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It’s Time for Us to Declare Our Truth

The stage has been set, the door has been opened, for it is time to declare our truth.

It is time for you to stand O Yahuda, for it has been you that has been scattered across the four corners of the earth. It is time for us to declare our heritage as the Shemitic people that we are.

We are descendents of Shem, Noah's oldest son, which makes us a Shemitic people. Our heritage has been declared in the word of the MOST HIGH, by way of the Tanak, contained also in the Torah, ( Books of the law). Avraham was the first person identified as Hebrew, based upon his nomadic travels throughout the land of Heber, therefore being coined with the identity of being a Hebrew. All physical descendents of Avraham are Hebrew by blood. Avraham had two sons Ishmael born of Hagar the Egyptian, and Isaaq born of Sara, who was of the same family line as Avraham. This means that both sons of Avraham, Ishmael and Isaac are both Hebrew by blood.

All the children of Ishmael who are called Ishmaelites are Hebrew, and all the children of Isaaq his brother are also Hebrew.

Isaaq had two sons Esau, and Yacob, therefore all the descendents of these two sons would also be Hebrew according to bloodline.

Yacob who was later renamed by the ALMIGHTY to Yisrael, had 12 sons, these twelve sons were also Hebrew by blood, and further declared to be the children of Yisrael, make them Yisraelites.

This means that the Hebrew people are a vast number of people held within their nations, but as for an Yisraelite one must be a descendent of Yacob who was renamed to be Yisrael.

We the so-called African Americans here in North America, our people in South, and Central America, including the Carribean, are descendents, being the remnant seed of the tribe of Yahuda, one of the twelve sons, of Yisrael. Yahuda is the tribe of the sceptre of rulership by the decree of the ALMIGHTY, and it is now time for Yahuda to stand and declare the nation by the will of YAH ALMIGHTY.

Be strong and have good courage, and fear not. Following the Pilar of fire by night and cloud of smoke by day, trusting YAH. It is time to declare to the world who we are. It is time for our oppressors, it is time for our enemies, time for the nations that have lived deliciously off the blood sweat, and tears of our people to stop. It is the time in our history once again for the pharaoh of today, to LET MY PEOPLE GO.

Thus saith YAH

I have started the call, and my people hear my voice. I shall stand them on their feet, I shall cause them to utter their voice according to my decree. My servant shall speak, for I have placed my words upon his lips. He shall speak and I shall call it to come to pass. Shall a nation be born in a day? As I have spoken to my prophets of old, shall these dry bones live? My servant shall speak my word for life to be brought back into my people, to resurrect my people from the grave. My first born son shall be brought back to life, and the world shall know that it is you O Yisrael that I have loved. I shall take vengeance, and set all records straight. No longer shall the lie prosper, no longer shall my people not know me, and not know who they are. My servant shall speak in this day for my will shall be in his mouth, and it shall come to pass. Yisrael shall be reunited with it's land of inheritance, and shall dwell safely in it. All the wealth that has been taken and gained from my people shall be restored beyond measure. Let heaven and earth record this day, for I have spoken.

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