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How to Complete the ID Process

The ID process can seem taxing.

Use these steps and the demo to help you navigate the Nation ID process from start to finish.

What you will need to do to complete the ID process:

  • Choose which ID you would like to apply for. We have a White, Blue, and Gold level ID. Check out our Nation ID Guides to learn more about each ID.

  • Read and review the urgent notice(s) for the ID you are applying for. Save these documents to your computer to easily access them to sign and upload later in the process. These documents are under Step 2 on our Register in the Nation page.

  • Join an ID program. Select the ID program for the ID that you are looking to apply for. Read and follow all directions outlined before you begin.

  • Take the citizenship test. Utilize the UNY ID Curriculum Guide during your open note, open book test. You will see this document once you join the ID program and review all directions.

  • Upload ID documents and complete the ID application. You will need to have saved a copy of your State ID or birth certificate, Citizenship Exam Certificate, the photo that you would like printed on your ID, and the urgent notice associated with the ID you applied for.

  • Complete the application and receive your ID within 30 days.

Please use the live demonstration below to help you complete the ID process from start to finish.

Have more questions? Visit our FAQ page and navigate to the IDs & Registry tab to find what you need.

For more information

Visit the United Nation of Yisrael YouTube channel for more information and education.

Want to get involved? Check out our departments and get involved!

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