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Hebrew Planet Takeover

Shalom O House of Yisrael, it is time to rise and speak, it is time to rise from the thickets O Yahuda and declare. The MOST HIGH has already declared and given the decree. These dry bones shall live again, they shall stand on their feet and exceedingly great army. Vengeance belong to the ALMIGHTY.

O Yahuda, despised, rejected, and smitten of men, at the head of every corner as a wild bull in a net, filled with the fury of YAHUAH. The day has come, the time is at hand, for the MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY shall cause his servent to speak, and declare what thus saith the ALMIGHTY. The restoration of Yisrael is upon us. Humble yourselves O Yisrael, understand your uncircumcised heart that has caused you to go astray. Come to terms with your punishment for iniquity that was placed upon you for your covenant breach. In doing so, as it is written in Leviticus 26: 40-42, as it has been declared, when you humble your uncircumcised heart, and accept your punishment, the MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY YAHUAH, shall remember his covenant with his people and the land of inheritance.

Hear O Yisrael, it has been declared in this day, it has been uttered and spoken to our captures the debt owed to the MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY, the great substance for Yisrael has been declared. On behalf of the whole house of Yisrael, through the tribe of Yahuda, the lions whelp it has been declared. For as it is written, the sceptre and lawgiver shall not depart from between the feet of Yahuda. WE ARE SHEMITIC, WE ARE HEBREWS, WE ARE YISRAEL BY BLOOD, WE ARE THE POSSESSION OF THE MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY YAHUAH OUR POWER AND STRENGTH.

The Hebrew Planet is here for it is the rise of Yisrael. HallaluYah !!!!!!!

This movie trailer below is coming real life to each and every door step, each and every nation, and shall be upon the lips of all people.

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