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Hear these words O Yisrael & Yahuda.

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

The MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY YAH OUR POWER AND STRENGTH, is not just THE MOST HIGH ELOHIM that we read about on the pages of a book, but He is the only true power at hand. As YAH spoke through his servants in time past, let us have ears to hear what thus saith YAH today.

Thus saith YAH.

Hear O Yisrael & Yahuda my servant, take diligence to listen. Humble yourself to my words of instruction for they are a light to your path, guidance in even the darkest places. I have called the end from the beginning, time is my instrument, wind is my gauge, water is my reformer, and the sun is my purifier.

As I YAH have declared so shall it be even in this day. As I have scattered Yisrael I shall gather my glory. As I have cast my children into bondage for their trespass, I shall purify you to restore my glory. I have call, and I have spoken. Turn not your ear from my speech, nor your eyes from my examples. I have called you forth O Yahuda, for this purpose before you this day. You shall stand and fight, and you shall be victorious. You have been stricken with wounds, but I have the healing balm. Many shall come against my servant, therefore many shall receive destruction. O Yahuda, my lion, step forward. Not according to your own will but according to the purpose that I have called you forth. Humble yourselves to serve me, by putting away your idols. As it is written, if a wicked man turn from his wickedness he shall live, and I YAH shall not give account to all the wickedness that he have done in time pass. Likewise if the righteous or the wicked turn from their wickedness, in that day that they turn to righteousness and continue therein they shall be accepted as way obedient children. Therefore who is your SAVIOR O House of Yisrael? It is I YAH.

Yisrael shall be restored to being above only as I have declared, and I shall rule as it's KING from Yerushalayim, the city where I have placed my name. Your land is at rest, but I YAH shall call it out of it's sleep to receive it's people. Yahuda shall lead the charge, for the lawgiver shall come forth from Yahuda, as I have declared, and my glory shall rest upon his shoulders. I YAH have spoken and it shall come to pass.

So be it

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