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Global Health & Wellness Initiave


To proclaim the healing of the people and the earth, so that we may live and love as one united people. This is a LIFESTYLE based on Our Culture in the service of the MOST HIGH YHWH. The lifestyle offers an opportunity to shed those corrupted behaviors and elevate our people, who live and love in righteousness and truth. We are to lead the entire world in the worship of YHWH by our example of health and wealth amongst the nations.

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Every since my parents died I became Homeless then my health declined. I haven't been able to get my health back right every since. I stay sick. Please could you help me become health again but this time I want to do it by The Biblical Dietary Laws. Thanks and Shalom!!!!

Unknown member
Sep 24, 2023
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I know eating the right vegetation could help. Whatever it is you’re facing look out up to see what fruit or vegetable may help your body. Also @chariottea brother Elijah helps with remedies to get your gut back in place to start back eating. Dandelion is a very good one and nettle yea w

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