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FAQ: Why is only one tribe mentioned here? Why not ALL Tribes?

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Answered by Elder Shamayah Samuel Yasharahla

Your Correspondence:

As I read the document entitled.... Urgent Notice

Acceptance of Divine Inheritance

of the MOST HIGH’s Chosen People

A few things pop out to me.....

This is an excerpt from the doc

"but with the reality that the black man worldwide, including the so-called African-American,...."

Why is only one tribe mentioned here ? Why not ALL Tribes ? Why not state it 'but with the reality that the Native Americans, African-Americans, and Latinos.....'

Answer: There we’re no tribes mentioned in the Urgent Notice documents. African American, and or black man world wide is not a tribe in itself, but a conglomerate (collection), of the tribes of Yisrael. Also the term Native American and Latinos, also are not terms that depict a particular tribe. They may be of Yisrael just as the African American, which we do acknowledge.

Furthermore, during 68CE when Titus sacked Yarusalem, there was only Yahuda, some of Levi, and some of Benyamin that remained in Yarusalem at that time. Also keep in mind that some of the tribes were mixed in with Yahuda as well.

Your correspondence:

Reading that makes it seem like it is one sided. Meaning that ALL of Israel are "black" people only. Because that's what it states in the doc.


This document is for all Yisrael, for Yisrael is not black or Latino or Native American, Yisrael is Yisrael which includes all three of the terminologies that are expressed above and more.

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