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FAQ: Why do we need to sign documents to express our full dedication? Baptism? Repentance?

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Answered Elder Shamayah Samuel Yasharahla

Your correspondence:

3. Here is another excerpt from the doc.......

"By signing this document, you are in complete dedication to the MOST HIGH our heavenly FATHER as HIS Covenant people."

Why do we need to sign this to express our full dedication to our FATHER? Does not our actions and words ( most importantly our actions) show our respect/dedication to our FATHER? Our repentance, baptism, etc.....?

Please help me understand


Signing this document is taking action, just as we took action in Egypt to put the blood over the door post. Just as in Egypt, if we do not heed to the word of YAH today, then be ready for destruction and calamity O Yisrael.

The only thing that Yisrael has learned how to do in this day is to remain stiff neck, hard headed, and disobedient as our forefathers. We remain self righteous, seeking for titles, lacking humility, following doctrine instead of following YAH, serving and praising idols, instead of praising YAH.

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