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FAQ: What are my rights and how does religious exemptions work?

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

In short, "Fredom of religion". Your document is a notice of the RELIGIOUS EXEMPTION under the covenant of the holy scriptures. No one can calculate your level of spirtuality. No one has any right to do so. Your organization/company as an employer or institution of higher learning has been put on notice from the United Nation Yisrael (UNY) operating under laws of TORAH, the word of The Most High Almighty that, “ We the people of the Almighty God of Yisrael” the ALMIGHTY has now declared our people, which includes our constituent as indicated in our notice as exempt from any and all vaccinations and inoculations. We decalre that we do not consent to any forms of mandates for vaccinations, according the word of the ALMIGHTY, which we serve, but instead we request what is considered under the first amendment, any an all applicable rules of law governing the United States as a religious accommodations according to §1605.2 Reasonable accommodation without undue hardship as required by section 701(j) of title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, on behalf of our constituents. Please review links for further information about your rigthts. #How does it work, #How do I know it works, #UNY #United Nation of Israel, #United Nation of Yisrael #What are my right? # Where my rights violated

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