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FAQ: Slavery for Israel on this side of the world didn't start in 1619.

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Answered by Elder Shamayah Samuel Yasharahla

Your correspondence:

Slavery for Israel on this side of the world didn't start in 1619. It start when the heathens came here and committed those atrocities on the Northern Tribes here in the Americas (1500's). Once again making the Doc one sided.


We are in agreement, and history agrees that our people were scattered well before 1619. When we speak of all the tribes. As you know Yahuda is the king tribe, and as it is written Yahuda will stand for all the tribes first as the king tribe. Those that are of our people that were made slaves during the Sub-Saharan and Transatlantic slave trade was of the Tribe of Yahuda, some Levi and some of Benyamin. The head or king tribe was first actioned off the slaves blocks in 1619, and in 2019 it marked the 400 years as it written in Genesis 15, where YAH spoke to Avraham, and gave him surety concerning his people that would be in captivity for 400 years and afterwards, YAH would judge that nation and then bring them out with great substance.

Before any tribe is freed, the tribe of Yahuda must be freed and first to stand for the nation, which such a standing and proof that YAH had called forth Yahuda to do such a thing is signified by the 400 year marker as mentioned in the document. Yahuda must stand first and all the other tribes must stay in their position. YAH has an order of things.

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