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FAQ: How do I use my Religious Exemption Form?

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

There are two places to get this form: you can go HERE, or you can go to and download the form for a small donation.

  1. Your exemption form will be sent to your email. Once you have downloaded your exemption form you will need to carefully read each page.

  2. After you've read each page please be sure to carefully fill out with correct information and submit the complete package to your employer.

  3. Submit your document to the United Nation of Yisrael for registration and processing. 2 options can be found on the form but you can also register through the link found in your email.

  4. If your job has given you an exemption form to fill out, that form must be filled out by you and submitted to us for review. Take a clear picture and submit the complete form to our email HERE. ( You must still download our package and complete registration as mentioned above.) #How do I get the form, #Where will I get the form, #How long does it take, #How does it work

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