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Do We Have Shalom?

I would say Shalom, but in reality we have no peace. Even when we say Shabbat Shalom in reality we have no peace nor do we have rest from our enemy. Before you condemn me for that statement O Yisrael open your eyes an see the reality of our people as a whole. For as long as one Yisraelite remains outside his or her land, as long as one Yisraelite has to utilized currency (money) of another nation, under the laws day to day of another nation, Yisrael as a whole is still in captivity, without peace (Shalom), and without rest (Shabbat).

This video indicates how even those that are in Africa have no peace, no rest, and are divided. Emagine a whole continent of people of color where there is no peace, an no unity. With all the resources that what we call Africa has, the people in all the countries of Africa have no power, an remain to be divided. I'm not saying that all these countries in Africa are Yisrael, but open your eyes of Yisrael so that you may see the direct communication of YAH, through circumstances.

How is it so for all Africa to be without power and unity without being cursed? It is impossible for a whole group of people, a whole land mass, as rich in resources that it is to be divided without power, when billions of dollars of resources are originated from africa. How is it not cursed when other nations control the resources of Africa, when Africans are present in their own lands? Open your eyes and see the power of the MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY.

The ALMIGHTY has not only cursed Yisrael, but has cursed the lands that we were scattered to during the Sub-Saharan slave trade throughout the continent of Africa. The people of Africa that sold our people, the Shemitic Hebrew Yisraelite to the Portuguese (Ashkenazi & Sephardic Jew) their lands are cursed. Those same curses are also spreading, and will spread to the European nations, the Gentile nations, even upon the Portuguese that put our people onto the plantations of South, Central, and North America. All that have taken part in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade the MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY YAH, THE ELOHIM OF AVRAHAM, ISAAQ, AND YACOB, THE ELOHIM OF YISRAEL, shall take vengeance upon.

Many of our people call themselves running from westernization, call themselves fleeing from western control when we flee from America to Africa. What are you really fleeing to? You are fleeing to a land that is broken and still controlled by the power an influence of westernized power of the same Europeans that you call yourselves fleeing from.

Wake up O Yisrael. You can not run from the wrath of YAH. If you humble yourselves and submit to what the MOST HIGH told us to do in Leviticuse 26: 33-46, then an only then will you see the manifestation of what you seek for, which is for YAH to overturn the curse upon Yisrael for our covenant breach.

Stop looking for love in all the wrong places. Stop doing the same thing expecting different results.

Anti Shemitism has filled the whole earth, even to the point that the people of Shem are also anti Shemitic among themselves.

When we commit crime upon our own people we are anti shemitic. When we don't come together to support each other, when we join with our enemies for comfort, when we talk down upon our own people included are men and women, when we sale drugs to our own people, when we aid in laws that are in unseen opposition to our people, all this is anti shemitism.

Join the United Nation of Yisrael in its voice to tell the truth about anti shemitism, and to humble ourselves to the MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY. While we we tell our truth, let us stop being Anti Shemitic upon ourselves. Go to, register and join your nation.

We have national ID cards that will be ready for order in two weeks. We have vaccination exemption letters, a national flag, tribal flags that are forthcoming for purchase, and declaration documents to declare your true heritage.

Let us not sit back another day. The MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY is awakening his people to be restored.

HalleluYAH, HalleluYAH, HalleluYAH

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