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Divine Dedication Fundraising Event

December 18, 2022, 12PM EST - December 19, 2022, 12AM EST


Education funded by the Power of Emcees

Divine Dedicators Inc. in partnership with Remnant of Hope Ministries Inc, Ahava Housekeeping Services LLC, Chai Aviation LLC along with Mishpaka Building LLC will be hosting a 12-hour Musical Fundraising Telethon: E=MC^2 (Education funded by the Power of Emcees) on Sunday December 18 from 12 pm to 12 midnight EST, in order to raise funds to continue to foster all of Divine Dedication’s educational endeavors. The majority of the funds raised will specifically enable us to purchase the aircrafts that will facilitate the aviation classes, eventually creating the first Hebrew-owned and operated flight training school.

For more information about our Department of Education, visit

For more information about this event, visit.

If you seek to become a performer for this event, complete this form.

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