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Discover the Lands Promised to Avraham and His Seed

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

The covenant that the Almighty YAH made with Avram was always about the two very distinct things; his seed and the land. The covenant is eternal and cannot be broken because it was made and is enforced by the CREATOR of the Universe, the great I AM that I AM, the King of Kings YHWH of Host. As the descendants of Avraham, we are the rightful heirs to the promised lands. The promised lands have been granted to us the authentic, original and native people of the planet earth, the children of Yisrael by YAH himself, and there is no person or group of people that can withhold that which the mighty YHWH had ordained in His Word.

As any heir has to do in matters of inheritance, we must make an official claim through the proper channels to have what has been held in “trust” for us released and transferred back to us. The universe is governed by law; Divine Law, Natural Law and Man-made Law. When handled in the proper order these laws are infallible and absolute. We must show our mastery of universal laws to take our rightful place amongst the family of nations. This requires that all of our land be returned to the Nation of Yisrael through proper application of international law.

The first step is to clearly define the Promised Land by current meets and bounds. We need to initiate diplomatic discussions with any existing sovereign state that has held our land in allodium for the immediate transfer into our national land trust. This will put on record the official territory of the United Nation of Yisrael (UNY). This will start the international reclamation process for lands both inside and outside the promised lands to also be transferred into the UNY’s International Sovereign Land Trust.


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Al-Yah Yisreal
Al-Yah Yisreal
Feb 08, 2023

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