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DIA KOM'UNITY in Nigeria

As a nation that was dispersed and scattered to the four corners of the earth, our time to gather has come. The Most High is bringing together His people through social media, community development, and nation building.

Our brother Kelley Moshe is helping our people in the diaspora return back home. As the Founder and Community Facilitator of DIA KOM’UNITY and General Contractor of Yellek Limited, it is in his heart to assist and serve our people. His vision for the past couple of years has been to have a community and grow together and become a people serving The Most High in Asaba Town in the Delta state of Nigeria.

As descendants of the Sub-Saharan and Trans-Atlantic Slave Holocaust, we must work towards building and possessing a self-sustainable community where we can have our own water, food, electricity, and schools with no government assistance or disruption.

This land that is open and available for our people has vibrant farmland, road access, fresh spring water and plots of land ready for our people to inhabit. To help with the costs of cultivation and relocation, a system has been put in place to accept old electronics to put towards the acquisition of properties, lands, and resources for this autonomous community.

As a bonus offer, an equity contribution to future contractors of the project will be given plots of land measuring 50x100 ft (1,500 sq meters) for housing units. Not only can our people assist in the cultivation internationally, but also hands on in the community.

The United Nation of Yisrael is standing behind this effort as our nation gathers. For more information, email and join the DIA KOM’UNITY group on Facebook. If the government is not doing anything to restore the people, the people can.

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