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Declaration of the Land of Inheritance

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

THE LAND OF CANAAN GIVEN TO YISRAEL BY THE POWER AND STRENGTH OF THE MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY YAH Let heaven and earth record this day, let all the earth and the nations round about be of one mind concerning the land that the ALMIGHTY has given to Yisrael according to the covenant that was made with Avraham, Isaaq, and Yacob. The ALMIGHTY was strong and showed forth his power to drive out those nations that occupied the land of Canaan to be give to the children of Yisrael. By power and great might did the ALMIGHTY bring forth the children of Yisrael out of the land of Egypt, destroying Pharaoh and his army that followed after Yisrael. The ALMIGHTY caused Yisrael to roam in the wilderness of the land that would be part of their inheritance for 40 years to purge them of their iniquities. By the mouth of Moshe did the ALMIGHTY speak to this people, giving them Commandments from Mount Sinai in Horeb. The MOST HIGH further instructed Yisrael in Moab by the mouth of Moshe concerning the statutes that regulated how to keep the commandments; He gave forth his judgements which was the penalty for not keeping the commandments according to statute. By these two covenants, on Mount Sinai in Horeb and in Moab, Yisrael was bound by. By these two covenants the people were established as the people and nation of the MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY, making them the children and nation of Yisrael. Yisrael didn't follow the covenant as it was agreed upon, therefore Yisrael suffered the penalty and was cast out of their land, and scattered across the four corners of the earth and made subject to the inhabitants, governments, and nations that we were and are made captive to still in this day. As it is written, the MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY YAH OUR POWER AND STRENGTH, has declared, that although He would scatter Yisrael for punishment, that He would also gather them, and restore our people not according to the covenant that we broke in Horeb and Moab, but according to the covenant the ALMIGHTY made with Avraham, Isaaq, and Yacob. Therefore we the remnant seed of the nation of Yisrael stand in this day, with sackcloth and ashes upon our souls, humbled before our POWER, THE MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY, THE MAKER, SAVIOR, AND HOLY REDEEMER of our people. The great awakening is occurring, the judgement of the ALMIGHTY has started. Yisrael shall be purged of its iniquity with clean garments made ready to be placed upon our backs of our people, made ready to be presented to the MOST HIGH as a bride adorned for her husband. This declaration is brought forth today to declare our inheritance by the power of the MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY. The ALMIGHTY is giving warning that just as the MOST HIGH expelled the inhabitants out of the land of Canaan in time passed through his servant that he raised up like into Moshe, Yahsuaha the son of Nunn, so shall the ALMIGHTY speak through his servant today to expel the inhabitants out of that same land today. The ALMIGHTY shall cause death and destruction upon those that do not willingly leave out of the land that was given to Yisrael for inheritance. The judgement shall also consume those nations that have a strong hold and have taken Yisrael as their bond servants. These governments and nations have made Yisrael bond servants according to the stroke of a pin. From the birth of all Yisraelites, documents have been placed upon them that has made them property of many nations by the usage of the terminology called citizenship. By this term, our people have been made subject to many forms of captivity. The ALMIGHTY shall overturn the captivity upon Yisrael and place it upon all nations that Yisrael was scattered and upon those that occupy the land that was given to Yisrael by inheritance. These words shall rain as a declaration upon the earth and all its inhabitants. It will not be by any power of the remnant seed of Yisrael, for Yisrael has no power of itself, but the MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY YAH is that POWER that shall accomplish all that has been said. Let it be known among all men, nations, languages, governments, and principalities, that whosoever it may be that seeks to make war with Yisrael, the MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY, shall rain fire and brimstone upon them. The anger and vengeance of the ALMIGHTY is non matching, and shall consume his enemies without regard for the nations abroad have not regarded Yisrael in its siege and rulership upon our people. The measurements of a just balance shall be measured upon the nations of the earth to measure out the destruction that the nations abroad have joined together in and taken part in, the destruction of our people on many levels, seen, an unseen. The ALMIGHTY shall vindicate and recompense upon the heads, people's, nations, and governments that have held onto, benefited off of, abused, and those that have performed all manors of injustice upon the glory of the ALMIGHTY, which is His people. It shall come to pass that all shall know that the ALMIGHTY will fight and take vengeance for HIS people. All shall know the love that the ALMIGHTY has for his people for all things shall be given unto them. These are lands and borders given to Yisrael according to the record of their inheritance as it is written below in modern day terminology. 1. Palestine 2. Lebanon, 3. Syria, 4. Jordan, 5. State of Yisrael These lands mentioned above is the ancient land of Canaan that was given to Yisrael by way of the covenant between the ALMIGHTY and Avraham. These lands were divided by lot among the tribes of Yisrael listed below: 1. Yahuda 2. Levi 3. Benyamin 4. Gad 5. Naptalie 6. Reuben 7. Issachar 8. Dan 9. Simeon 10. Zebulon 11. Asher 12. Yoseph Let the heavens and the earth record this day, for the MOST HIGH has remembered His covenant that He made with Avraham concerning that land of inheritance and the children of Yisrael. Thus saith the MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY Hear O nations of the earth I have come to restore that which I have given to my people according to covenant. Let these words come forth in your understanding, that as it is written in this day, all these words that are written, shall also be spoken and shall come to pass. I stand as a refiner, double edged sword, and a cup full of fury and indignation, which shall be poured out upon my enemy, upon those that have held on to My glory. Prepare yourself, arm yourselves, make ready your confederations, for I AM that I AM, shall cripple all that come against me. I shall avenge My children and restore them to what I have promised. So be it. Please reference these maps below.

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