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Antishemetism: Barclay's

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Barclay's is a multinational bank that has acquired many banks since its founding in 1690.

Evidence has been uncovered that "two prominent slave trading bankers, Benjamin and Arthur Heywood from Liverpool, founded Heywoods Bank in 1773 on profits from the slave trade. Heywoods was taken over by Martins Bank in 1883 which itself was bought by Barclays in 1968."

Although Barclay's did not participate in slavery directly, profits received from their acquired banks directly benefited from the slave trade. A Barclay's spokesperson came forward and said, "Barclays has been in business for over 310 years and, while it is possible that some organisations acquired by Barclays may have had some linkage with the slave trade, our founders, by virtue of their very strong Quaker connections, were members of the abolitionist movement."

There has been no report of an apology.

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