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Antishemetism: Aetna

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Aetna insured the lives of slaves during the 1850’s, shortly after its founding in 1853 and reimbursed slave owners when their slaves died.

An Aetna spokesperson issued an apology stating, "Aetna has long acknowledged that for several years shortly after its founding in 1853 that the company may have insured the lives of slaves. We express our deep regret over any participation at all in this deplorable practice."

Aetna has no plans to make reparations since the slave policies were legal before slavery was abolished.

If you want to learn more about antishemetic attacks and #stopantishemetism, please visit

Have you or a loved one experienced or been a victim of Antishemetism? Please report the details of your attack so that brothers and sisters can be informed, the appropriate parties can be notified, and the responsible parties can be held accountable.

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