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A Letter To Ye

I am Elder Shamayah Samuel Yasharahla, Chairman and Minister of Information for the United Nation of Yisrael, our Nation, your Nation, one Nation under the MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY YAH OUR POWER AND STRENGTH.

On behalf of the United Nation of Yisrael (UNY), we give our love and support to you dear brother Kanye West (Ye). I want you to know that we heard not only your words but your actions loud and clear. What we are witnessing is the Tribe of Yahuda also know by some as Judah, being resurrected to take its rightful place in this day and time. According to the word of the ALMIGHTY, as it is written in the Tanak, and in Torah, Yahuda shall emerge from the thickets as the lions' welp. Yahuda shall come forth to speak, to utter its voice, to speak what thus saith the MOST HIGH concerning his people the nation of Yisrael. We are that people, we are that set apart nation. Although we have been despised and rejected, smitten of men, hidden in prison houses, the ALMIGHTY has declared and established Yisrael as His nation. We are that remnant seed of a nation that has not been desired.

Ye the words that you spoke concerning the plight of our people, even the actions you have taken, have proven that our lives truly don't matter to those that have the power to close doors and cut off binding contracts because they don't agree with our vocabulary. We don't have the power to shut down the voice of anyone through social media, let alone Jewish voices. So whose lives matter, whose lives has this nation shown to our people to matter through out history? It certainly isn't ours. They have shown us time again that "WHITE LIVES MATTER".

From the shores of West Africa we were purchased by the Sephardic Jews of Portugal, and carried to North, South, Central America, and the Caribbean. We were placed on plantations owned be Sephardic Jews in the Caribbean. Our ancestors were raped, and sodomized, both men and women, mutilated, murdered, castrated, lynched, stripped from our mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, with our children being taken from us. Did Black lives matter then? No, White lives have always mattered more than our lives in this country. Open your wallets and purses, take your IDs out, look at your drivers license. What last name do you have? Is it European, or is it of your native tongue? We bear the last names of our slaves masters, which is proof that we were established as their property. Did Black lives matter in that? No, but White lives prevailed. We were experimented on for the advancement of gynecology, and pediatric science made its advancement on the barbaric experiments made on our woman and children. Today if someone experiments on an animal in those same ways, they would suffer punishment, but did our white slave masters suffer? Did the white scientists suffer? Why not? It is because WHITE LIVES MATTER, AND BLACK LIVES DON'T.

Ye, we hear you loud and clear. We support you my brother, and will stand with you. For the MOST HIGH is our POWER AND STRENGTH, and our compelling force that is causing the lion in us to come out and speak against all odds. Ye, the UNY stands with you, your true nation stands with you, and I stand with you. Let us be strong of good courage, fearing not, for if the MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY YAH, THE GOD OF Abraham, Isaac, and Yacob be for us, who can be against us.

We would love to speak with you so that we can be strategic and unified in our response to our enemies and to our people.

Please go to and participate with your nation as we emerge from the thickets in declaration of our nation, the nation of Yisrael by the will of YAH.

Feel free to contact us at

Much love to you dear brother Ye. You are not by yourself. We are with you and the ALMIGHTY is with us all.


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