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Ministry of Divine Dedication

Mission Statement

Our Divine Goal is to establish a model that will instill in our children the love and respect of YAH, The Creator, His Torah (Laws) and, most importantly, its application in every facet of their everyday lives. This will create those fit to be the Nation of Priests that YAH  prescribed  to teach the nations, thus activating YAH'S promised Blessings. This model will be replicated and utilized in all regions of the world where the Nation of Yisrael is found. By seeking common ground and working hand in hand, we will shine forth YAH'S light and be the example, for ourselves and our children, of the unification of the Nation of Yisrael as one People.

Divine Dedicators Manual

Journey to the Beginning:
The Foundation of the System of Divine Dedication 

Journey To The Beginning: the System of Divine Dedication is written by Dr. Shahyahrah B. Israel, an accomplished educator whose 50 years of experience as a teacher, reading and mathematics specialist, administrator and director of education in three nations brings unique expertise invaluable to both educators and parents around the world who are interested in developing or enriching their school systems.The tenets expressed herein have been culled from systematic and recondite research by the author who spent decades in the study of diverse cultures and educational systems. It reflects best practices in traditional and innovative educational methods meticulously implemented and applied by the author in classroom situations over five decades. 


12/11/22 @ 1 PM EST

12/18/22 @ 12 PM EST

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