YAH Will Gather US
YAH Will Gather US

United Nation of Yisra'el Ministries and Departments

The United Nation of Yisra'el has 3 three branches of government. The Executive, Judicial and Admnistrative branches of our government based on the adminstration of Torah. The Council of Elders administrates the executive branch, the Judges of Yisra'el make rulings on disputes between our people or between our nation and other nations, and there are 7 Ministries that administer most of the daily operational issues of the nation.


Ministry positions are currently open and applications are being reviews to file multiple ministry and departmental positions.

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Executive Council of Elders

C/O 14104 Warwick Boulevard #2046

Newport News, NON-DOMESTIC w/o United States Virginia near [ 23609 for reference only ]


Ask for Avraham

Phone: +1 757-447-4UNY (4869)


Ask for Hadurah

Phone: +1 314-494-9431


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We're working with organizations and communities all over the world. We will list our worldwide partners at a later time:




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