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Congregation of The Mighty Lions Den

Brotherhood Policy & Procedures

Shalom, Lions!


As we continue to embark on this most important journey, please be mindful of the values that you agreed to uphold as a member of the Congregation of the Almighty (Lion's Den) and the United Nation of Yisrael. Collectively, we have settled on these core tenets that are designed to re-center our focus on uplifting each other in the name of our creator, the Almighty Most High Yah.


These principles and the objectives outlined within are universally applicable in accordance with the biblical standards we strive to maintain in our charge to do the Almighty's Will.


The Lion's Den is committed to creating a safe and unified space for those who identify as or stride with the Children of Yisrael, with a charge to serve the Almighty. 


In order to foster an environment of healing, community building, and restoration, it is essential to maintain a strict no-tolerance policy regarding personal agendas, doctrinal beliefs, and unauthorized communications. This policy aims to ensure that all discussions and activities within our platforms remain focused on the common goal of unifying the 12 tribes of Yisrael and rebuilding our nation.

Lion's Den Principles of Unity

Below are the pillared principles on which we collectively stand. Please read through this entire document carefully.


  1. Unity: We value the strength that comes from unity by standing together as one community, regardless of our religious and doctrinal differences, to overcome challenges and achieve common goals. Individually, we have no problem working with other nations to support our lives. Let's use what we know to work together under the direction and will of The Almighty.

  2. Empowerment: We believe in empowering ourselves and our community economically, spiritually, and socially, equipping each other with the tools to thrive and succeed. If you walk into the den as a cub, you will emerge as a roaring lion.

  3. Respect: We treat each other with respect, empathy, and kindness, valuing the unique experiences and perspectives that every member brings to The Congregation of The Mighty. Love thy neighbor as you would desire the same. It's a direct commandment from Yah that every other tenet of His law hangs on.

  4. Action-Oriented: We prioritize action over words, actively engaging in practical initiatives and programs that contribute to the ongoing healing, restoration, development, and betterment of our community. We love studying Yah's word just as much as the next Hebrew, but they say faith without works is dead. As a matter of scriptural and historical fact, we'll go a step further: it's never existed.

  5. Inclusivity: We embrace the growingly diverse collection of religious practices, doctrinal beliefs, and historical understandings among Yisraelites. We consider these challenges to overcome divisive dogmas as lifelong learning lessons which ultimately draw us all closer to The Almighty. We welcome any and all Yisraelite men with an interest in building foundational communities in order to better serve The Most High as a collective nation. As long as you fear Yah and want to build with your kinsmen in love, spirit, and truth, we want you by our side.

  6. Accountability: We take responsibility for our actions and decisions by fostering an environment of transparency and integrity within The Congregation of The Mighty. We do what we say, letting our yeas and nays be as we state. And as we always say: there is no sin in the Lion's Den.

  7. Growth: We are committed to personal and collective growth, continuously seeking opportunities for self-improvement and the advancement of our community. We challenge our beliefs and circumstances daily. Our ultimate goal is to build multifaceted fortitude by getting out of Yah's way spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

  8. Community Building: We actively engage in community-building efforts by developing the land Yah has gathered for us, promoting Yisraelite business, and collaborating on projects that promote and enhance the well-being of our nation.

  9. Healing-Centered: We prioritize healing across all spectrums of our existence: The spirit by earnestly seeking Yah; the body with righteous dieting and exercise; and the mind with regular engagement in scriptural studies, productive conversation, and hands-to-plow nation work. We recognize the impact of the historical trauma this world challenges us with, so we strive to build a supportive environment for personal and communal healing journeys.

  10. Nation Restoration: We are dedicated to the restoration of our nation, working towards reclaiming our identities, culture, and heritage, as we work toward building a self-sustaining and prosperous community.


These values serve as the guiding principles for The Congregation of The Mighty (Lions Den), shaping our actions and decisions as we come together to heal, unite, and rebuild our community for a brighter future.


Lion's Den Policies & Code of Conduct

In addition, we ask that all Lion's Den members operate in accordance with these values, as well as agree to the following code of conduct policies. The purpose of this agreement is to ensure we maintain appropriate communication across all United Nation of Yisrael platforms and within Lion's Den chats, including the groups and communities we maintain at the United Nation of Yisrael and Hebrew Planet websites; in apps like WhatsApp and Spaces; and any other platforms we may deploy in the future. 


This includes refraining from inciting divisive debates in official UNY and Lion's Den channels; posting content that doesn't directly align with the UNY's chief goal of nation-building; and otherwise engaging in activity that doesn't align with the spirit of the Almighty. 


Your personal life is between you and the Almighty Most High, but it's imperative that you mind your conduct in all spaces you occupy and in all areas of your life. This is not just for your physical and spiritual well-being, but you also have a duty to protect yourself and your brothers and sisters in the UNY, who indirectly might be impacted by your actions. If you engage in sinful, treacherous, and otherwise unreasonable acts of your own volition, the nation cannot protect you from any consequences. The United Nation of Yisrael reserves the right to decide on any member's standing should any damning and incriminating information surface related to you or your outside associations, including complete excommunication.


Please thoroughly read the policies listed ahead.


  1. No Personal Agendas or Religious Rhetoric:

    • Members and participants are strictly prohibited from promoting personal agendas, engaging in religious rhetoric, or attempting to impose doctrinal beliefs on others.

    • Our discussions and interactions should remain centered on healing, community building, and collective action to address the challenges faced by our nation.

  2. Authorized Programs and Bible Studies:

    • Only authorized individuals, with consent from the United Nation of Yisrael's elder and executive bodies, are allowed to conduct programs and Bible studies within The Congregation of The Mighty (Lions Den) platforms.

    • The focus of these authorized programs should be on unifying the 12 tribes of Yisrael and working towards the restoration of our nation.

    • If approved, you must create and share an agenda and curriculum with your Bible study to be shared any time you share a link to it. We also ask that you remind your attendees of your agenda and what you plan to talk about at the beginning of each study.

    • If you decide to carry on with independent bible studies, neither you nor any Lion's Den member acting on your behalf may distribute information or links within official UNY channels.

  3. Unauthorized Programs/Chats/Bible Studies 

    • While we do support nation-building, which includes fostering fellowship among brothers and sisters, we do not endorse doctrinal discussions and groups created either within or outside the United Nation of Yisrael's platforms. The reason is straightforward: our primary focus is on nation-building, not religious rhetoric. We are not affiliated with any church or religious institution. We are aware that religion has often been used to divide us.

    • If you happen to find yourself in such a chat or group, whether on our platforms or elsewhere, that promotes a particular doctrinal belief over another or if you come across anything that seems intended to create division among us, we highly recommend that you remove yourself from such a group or chat. Such activities do not align with our shared purpose, which is NATION BUILDING.

    • We adhere strictly to our zero-tolerance policy regarding division. All programs, bible studies, chats, etc., hosted or promoted on the United Nation of Yisrael's platforms must receive prior approval from the Executive Lions Den and the United Nation of Yisrael Organizational Leadership. Any unauthorized programs will be promptly removed, and individuals responsible for them will also face removal.

    • If you are found responsible for creating groups outside the United Nation of Yisrael's platforms and engaging with constituents of the United Nation of Yisrael in a manner that fosters division, divisiveness, insurrection, or anything contrary to our shared goal of gathering and nation-building, you will be expelled from our platforms and barred from attending our meetings until further notice.

  4. Respectful Communication:

    • All members and participants must communicate with respect and empathy toward one another, acknowledging the diverse backgrounds and experiences within our community.
    • Disagreements are allowed but should be expressed in a constructive and respectful manner that encourages open dialogue and understanding.

  5. Reporting Violations:

    • If any member encounters content, discussions, or activities that violate the policy and guidelines, they should immediately report it to the designated administrators.

    • Reports will be investigated promptly, and appropriate actions will be taken to address the violation.

  6. Consequences of Violations:

    • Any member found in violation of the policy will be warned that their conduct is unbecoming of Lion's Den members, and we will address members directly to correct and rectify these incidents. Repeated violations may result in removal from Lion's Den channels or permanent expulsion from the Lion's Den or the United Nation of Yisrael, depending on the severity of the offense.

    • Decisions regarding consequences will be made by the designated administrators after a fair and thorough review of the reported incident.

  7. Confidentiality and Privacy:

    • Members are expected to respect the confidentiality and privacy of fellow participants and not share sensitive information outside the designated platforms.

    • Unauthorized sharing of content or discussions from The Congregation of The Mighty (Lions Den) platforms may result in immediate removal from the community.


These policies ensure the safety, privacy, and security of the Lion's Den and the United Nation of Yisrael, as well as all of its members—including you. While we ask you to sign this agreement with sincerity as goodwill for your spiritual brothers and sisters, most importantly, by signing, you acknowledge and come into agreement of all the principles and policies herein with the Almighty Most High Yah as a witness. The United Nation of Yisrael and Lion's Den council reserve the right to deny you participation in any of its activities, discussions, and communities as a result of declining this agreement.

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